Hannahbells thimbles or buttons

Hannahbells are tiny artisanal cheeses hand made by the very shy Santos brothers from their third-generation dairy farm in Westport, Massachusetts. Some folks call them thimbles. The French call them “boutons de coulottes”, or “trouser buttons.” The brothers call them Hannahbells, after their mom!

Artisanal Cheese from Shy Brothers Farm

Cloumage® Artisanal CurdCloumage® is a fresh lactic curd made from our cows’ milk at Shy Brothers Farm. When cooked, Cloumage® has the texture of a baked ricotta. Salad—potatoes—salmon—tarts—all flavors are enhanced by the zip of this curd.  The lactic tang of the curd marries well with both sweet and savory flavors.  We love it simply with fresh cracked pepper or fruit.

Arisanal Cheeses from Shy Brothers Farm


Fresh Handmade Mozzarella

Handmade Mozzarella

Our mozz curd is creamy and buttery, unlike any you’ve ever had in this country.  We provide pulling instructions, but chefs are also using it un-pulled on cold sandwiches and hot creations.  We’re proud and flattered that Lourdes Smith of Fiore di Nonno uses our mozz curd, and pulls it using her Italian grandfather’s technique. (And yes, he provided Frank Sinatra’s mozz from childhood for the rest of his life!)  If you haven’t tasted Fiore di Nonno mozzarella, please try it.  If you can’t get it, just buy it from us.


This cheese is a testament of the quality of their milk and the skill of their production. We find every bite sized piece of Shy Brothers to be a comforting rush of fresh farm cream and blanched almond, with a residual sweetness of champagne yeast and ripe pear. Snacking on American artisan cheese has never been better.”

MATT JENNINGS, Chef and Proprietor of Farmstead, Providence, RI